CSR Report2019

Anwar Akbar AmdarRirin Rosita HurMangrove Planting: Protecting People and the Community by Nurturing a Healthy Forest1HighlightPT. Lintec JakartaLandownersThanks to the instructions on a planting technique that increases the survival rate, we were able to do a good job planting the seedlings. We hope to continue to engage in activities that make the Lintec Group an essential company in Indonesia and eventually link this initiative with our business.I support PT. Lintec Indonesia and have been cooperating with the company since the start of the project. While what I can do alone is limited, I believe that gradual recovery is possible with everyone’s cooperation. I would also like to rebuild the school and the place for prayer that have sunk under the sea.Yuji AraiPresidentUsup SupriatnaStudents of Bogor Fisheries UniversityLocal residentsThird-year students participate in tree planting every year. We de nitely wanted to participate because we had learned about the state of mangroves at university. This initiative was featured on a campus radio program, on the university website, and on social media, and many students are interested in the program. Although balancing the environment and economy is a dif cult challenge, we think it is possible to make improvements by establishing rules on cutting down the trees.Karawang Regency, in which the planting areas are located, had approximately 9,000 hectares of mangrove forests but has lost 60%, or 5,400 hectares, of them. While I hold meetings for companies in Karawang Regency, tree planting is only half done. I hope PT. Lintec Indonesia reaches out to other companies as well and expands the activity.SupriyadiPT. Lintec Indonesia (Employees in charge of the administration of the project)Lintec CorporationWe took charge of the administration of the mangrove planting project. We made considerable efforts until the day of planting, such as preparing seedlings in advance and making a banner, so we felt relieved when everyone nished the planting safely. As many employees of PT. Lintec Indonesia come from inland areas and do not know what is happening along the coast, we would like to continue to engage in the activity.This was the second time we participated in the mangrove planting. While our contribution may be humble, we will make our utmost efforts to support PT. Lintec Indonesia and PT. Lintec Jakarta. Being rst accepted by local people is important in a business deployment in any region. As a global company, we would like to carry out effective activities for each country and region.Asep HeriandiIn charge of 5SMakoto HattoriDirector, Managing Executive Of cerExecutive General Manager, Business Administration DivisionGohei KawamuraDirector, Managing Executive Of cerExecutive General Manager, Production Division and in charge of Quality Assurance & Environmental Protection DivisionEach Participant Engaging in Mangrove Planting with a VisionPT. Lintec IndonesiaWe are proud of this initiative, in which employees do not just focus on making donations but actually plant trees. To expand the activities, we consider it necessary to cooperate with people and companies around us. We would like to share what we have learned and discuss it with each other.Some in PT. Lintec Indonesia have experienced tree planting, but others have never even seen mangroves. While few companies invite their employees plant trees themselves, it is impossible to describe it to someone who has not actually experienced it. As Japanese living in Indonesia, we consider this a worthwhile activity.Martha LieTrade DepartmentHirokazu KusumotoManufacturing DepartmentKoji NagataFinance & Accounting DepartmentAli AminCoating DepartmentEri KamiryoAdministration DepartmentKosuke SasakiSales DepartmentShanti LestariQuality Assurance DepartmentSarni PujiyantoGeneral Affairs & Personnel DepartmentMelaniFinance & Accounting DepartmentParjinuCutting Department■ PT. Lintec Indonesia: 23■ PT. Lintec Jakarta: 6■ Lintec Corporation: 2■ Landowners/Local residents: 41■ Students of Bogor Fisheries University: 40Number of participants14

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