CSR Report2019

BekasiPT. Lintec IndonesiaPT. Lintec IndonesiaJakartaJakartaJakartaJakartaJakartaDepokPlanting locationPlanting locationRecord of Mangrove Planting0 month old/30 cm (seed)3 months old/60 cm (seedlings)15 months old/150 cm24 months old/260 cm40 months old/400 cm[History][First planting]Planted 1,500 seeds.The seeds sank under the water due to a rise in water level and backwashes caused by shing boats, and about 1,000 of them died.As the survival rate*2 was around 30%, observation of the growing conditions came to take place once every three months.[Second planting]Planted 2,500 seedlings about 50 cm tall, including to replace the 1,000 that died in the previous year.The survival rate was around 80%, and stable growth was con rmed.[Third planting]Planted 2,000 seedlings about 80 cm tall.Wave absorbing dykes to protect the seedlings from backwashes caused by shing boats and fences to prevent soil runoff were installed.[Fourth planting]Planted 2,500 seedlings about 80 cm tall.April 2016July 2016April 2017April 2018April 201980 m110 m130 m120 mPlanting areafor 2019130 mSeedlings planted in this area in 2018 did not survive and the area was replanted in 20192018 did not survive and the area was replanted in 2019Plantingarea for2016/2017Planting areafor 2018[Planting areas][Accomplishments]Total area1.89 hectaresTotal number of trees planted8,500 treesTotal participants312 personsAnnual CO2 absorptionApprox. 43.8 t/year(Average amount based on the assumption that mangroves have a lifespan of 30 years)Expanding Community-Based ActivitiesWe have been involved in the administration of mangrove planting since it started. At the beginning, we knew neither how to plant mangroves nor how to nd landowners but nevertheless managed to plant in a section thanks to the cooperation of many people. Although we were almost discouraged when more than half of the seeds we rst planted sank under the water, the survival rate has been increasing each year since we started to observe the growing conditions once every three months and replant those likely to sink. Mangrove planting has expanded to other locations. We would like to continue to stay close to local communities and carry out community-based activities.Daisuke GotoEngineering DepartmentPT. Lintec IndonesiaSugihartoQuality Assurance DepartmentPT. Lintec Indonesia13*2 Survival rate: The proportion of planted plants that take root and start to grow

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