CSR Report2019

11KPIsResults★Related pagesRelated SDGs(1) Use of consultation contact points in and outside Japan(2) Results of audits by the Internal Audit Ofce according to local laws and regulations and internal standards(1) 4 cases [B](2) No serious ndings [B]1817Amount of organic solvents used17,700 t [A]CSR site(1) CO2 emissions from business activities in Japan(2) VOC*6 emissions from business activities in Japan(1) 179,200 t [C](2) 929.8 t [E]2931Number of environmentally friendly products developed30 products [A]30Number of violations of environmental laws and regulations0 violations [D]CSR site(1) Number of occupational accidents and accidents resulting in absence from work(2) No occupational accidents(1) 3 accidents [C](2) See page 24 [C]24(1) Ratio of female managers(2) Return to work after taking time off for childcare leave(1) 14% [B](2) 100% [A]23Turnover in three years of employees hired as new graduates6.4% [A]23Number of responses to supplier survey111 companies [A]22Response rate to compliance survey by ofcers and managersResponse rate to risk identication survey: 87.4% [B]Compliance survey was not conducted as risk identication survey was conducted.16Number of serious product accidents reported0 accidents [C]20Number of exhibitions participated in as an exhibitor in and outside Japan (activity evaluation)52 times [A]CSR site(1) Total number of participants on plant tours(2) Implementation of social contribution activities(1) 932 persons [C](2) See page 25 [B]25Development of a system for registering local raw materials at sites outside Japan (activity evaluation)Search system for global raw material information management under development [B]21Number of patent applications (activity evaluation)397 applications [A]21Under review*5 Human rights due diligence: A process exercised by an organization not only to comply with laws but also to address and reduce the risk of human rights violations (ISO 26000 6.3.3. Human Rights Issue 1)*6 VOC: VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. VOC collectively refers to organic compounds that become gas in the atmosphere.STEP 2 Internal engagement (Determine priority)We discuss hypotheses with internal organizations, such as R&D and the New Project Planning Ofce, and determine the importance.STEP 3 Identify key initiativesBased on the results of STEPs 1 and 2, we identify key initiatives, and have them evaluated by and obtain the approval of the president, the nal decision maker.STEP 4 Set KPIs againBased on the identied materiality, we set performance indicators for our activities and proceed with implementation.Organizations covered in Results:[A] Lintec Corp.; [B] Lintec Group; [C] Lintec Corp., Tokyo Lintec Kako, Inc.; [D] Lintec Corp. Head Ofce, 10 production sites, Research Center; [E] Lintec Corp. production sites (excl. Ina), Research Center

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