CSR Report2019

10MaterialityScopeCircles mean applicableIssues we should work onSpecic actionsInternal ExternalGovernanceOperating global governanceEnhance and operate the management system.Enhance global governance.The environmentEffectively using raw materialsReduce environmental impact and comply with environmental laws and regulations.Procure materials that will help to reduce environmental impact based on the Lintec Procurement Policy.Reducing atmospheric emissionsReduce emissions into the atmosphere based on our mid-term environmental target.Making environmental contributions through products and servicesDevelop and spread environmentally friendly products through LCA*4.Ensuring environmental complianceEnsure and manage environmental compliance using the environmental management system.Labor practicesEnsuring occupational health and safetyProvide workplace environments where employees can work with peace of mind and ensure the safety of our employees in emergencies.Conduct activities to ensure occupational safety according to the occupational safety and health management system.Achieving workplace diversity-Respect the diversity of employees and provide rewarding workplaces.Improving employee satisfaction-Build working environments where employees feel motivated to work.SocietyConducting human rights due diligence*5Promote stakeholder-friendly global communication.Respect human rights and determine risks throughout the supply chain.Ensuring social complianceInstill and ensure group-wide compliance.Ensuring product complianceUse the quality management system to eliminate and prevent accidents.Making contributions to sustainable consumptionPublicize the effects of environmentally friendly products to stakeholders.Achieving harmonious co-existence with local communitiesIntroduce social contribution activities for local communities as a good corporate citizen.Contribution to businessDeveloping business models for local production & consumption in emerging countriesPromote business models that are friendly to the environment and society, and create businesses that can contribute to solving social issues.Conduct R&D for products intended for local procurement and for solving social issues.Entering new areas*1 For SDGs, see page 06.*2 Key performance indicators (KPIs): KPIs are important indicators related to organizational strategies, and quantitatively measure progress toward targets.*3 For ESG, see page 07.*4 LCA (Life Cycle Assessment): A method for comprehensively assessing effects on the environment by calculating items such as the amount of energy and water input, the amount of raw materials used, and the amount of CO2 and hazardous chemical substances emitted throughout a product’s lifecycleSTEP 1 Identify social demandsWe identied and narrowed down important ESG*3 topics based on changes in various international guidelines and frameworks, such as the SDGs, GRI Standards, the United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000, as well as on information from ESG rating agencies.Materiality (Important Issues)Materiality means issues that a company should focus on, identied from a wide range of CSR activities. While the Lintec Group identied its materiality in 2014, what stakeholders expect from the company has changed signicantly since then. In response to this change, the Lintec Group has been in the process of reviewing its materiality and is currently at STEP 2 in the gure to the right. The SDGs*1 point of view will be incorporated into the new materiality, and key performance indicators (KPIs)*2 will be updated at the same time.Process of reviewing materiality

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