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Overview of the Lintec Group

What Is the Lintec Group?

To realize the company motto, "Sincerity and Creativity", the Lintec Group is creating new value by evolving four basic technologies in accordance with the LINTEC WAY and the Lintec Group Compliance Guidelines. Through initiatives implemented under the medium-term business plan, "LINTEC INNOVATION PLAN 2019 (LIP-2019)", which is targeted at creating economic value, as well as initiatives linked to materiality (important issues), the Lintec Group aims for the sustainable development of society.

We provide products to which various functions are added to suit the purpose or usage environment, including: adhesive papers and films for labels on household goods, food products and home electronics, tapes for fixing parts of mobile devices, adhesive products for automobiles, industrial barcode printers, labeling machines for automatic labeling, window films for buildings and automobiles, materials for outdoor signage and advertisements, marking films for decorating car bodies, and interior decorative sheets.


We provide products that leverage our unique R&D and technologies, including special tapes for semiconductor chip manufacturing and mounting processes, devices to make the best of these tapes' properties, release films indispensable for laminated ceramic capacitor manufacturing, LED-related adhesive products, and touch screen-related products. We play a part in expanding the IoT society* by providing materials for manufacturing processes used in producing smartphone and other electronic devices and highly functional tapes required for flash memory production.

  • *IoT: IoT stands for Internet of Things, which collectively refers to a wide variety of "things", such as buildings, appliances, automobiles and medical equipment, connected to the Internet for the purpose of exchanging information.

Taking advantage of paper-making technologies, we provide a wide variety of products, including: color envelop paper and color paper in a wide array of colors, function paper including greaseproof paper and dust-free paper for food packaging, high-quality printing paper, and release paper and release film for protecting adhesive coated surfaces, as well as casting paper used when manufacturing synthetic leather and carbon fiber composite materials. Recently, we have developed highly water-repellent yet printable craft paper, which is used for envelopes, wrapping and book printing. We continue to improve our products according to market needs.

Four core technologies

Working with four core technologies (technologies for adhesive applications, for surface improvement, for system development, and for specialty papers and release materials production), the Lintec Group develops differentiated and highly distinctive products by integrating the technologies at a high level.

Adhesive applications

By developing adhesives and various base materials, as well as through their composite technologies, we apply the basic functions of adhesive products (attaching and releasing) to a broader range of areas.

Surface improvement

Through chemical and physical treatment on the surface of paper and film, we improve their performance and add new functions.

System development

In addition to system development for machines and devices, we propose advanced solutions through the establishment of sophisticated systems that take advantage of the properties of materials.

Specialty papers and release materials production

By leveraging our unique papermaking technologies and technologies for coating, impregnation, and pasting, we develop paper with special functions beyond those of conventional paper as well as high value-added materials.