Lintec in Everyday Life

Lintec creates varied products in a wide range of fields, including adhesive materials and related equipment, specialty papers, and release papers and films. The company's products play an active role in all areas of life.

Architectural window films

In addition to preventing the scattering/falling of glass fragments when glass is broken, such as in an earthquake, Lintec's window films also provide such features as UV protection, insulation, crime prevention, and privacy maintenance by covering the entire pane of window glass. With a diverse lineup of items, including clear, tinted, and reflective films, the company's window films have recently been gathering considerable attention especially with a view toward safety and energy-saving measures.


Marking films

Lintec offers durable adhesive films in a rich assortment of colors and various outstanding features such as weather resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, and oil resistance, making them perfect for applications such as outdoor signs and logos attached to automobile bodies. The company also has a lineup of materials that enable varied visual expressions through large-sized printing. These are used widely for applications such as large advertisements in commercial facilities and vehicle wrap advertising on trains and buses.


Automotive window films

Automotive window film in a wide variety of colors and textures allows drivers to create a posh external appearance and internal space in tune with one's sensitivities. At the same time, excellent insulation performance enables the creation of a comfortable space with improved air conditioning efficiency inside the vehicle. Lintec's broad lineup includes various high-transparency films.


Adhesive papers and films for labels

Lintec has developed and provides a truly diverse range of label materials, from labels for brand display on various products and eye-catching stand-type labels to nameplates an warning labels on automobiles and electrical devices, labels on food packages that can be put into freezers and refrigerators or undergo heat processing, distribution labels suited to barcode printing, re-sealable labels for wet tissue packs, and adhesive memos.


Semiconductor-related tapes and equipment

Lintec has developed a truly diverse range of highly functional tapes such as tape that protects circuit surfaces, which is used in the process of making semiconductor wafers thinner through back grinding after circuit formation; tape that fixes wafers in a ring frame during the process of dicing wafers into individual chips; and tape that contributes to the simplification of the chip mounting and laminating processes by transferring adhesive directly to the back surface of chips after dicing. The company has also developed various electronic devices for attaching and detaching its tapes.


LCD films

Lintec conducts adhesive processing to attach polarizing film, phase difference film, and other films that are indispensable components of LCDs, supplies double-sided adhesive sheets for attaching, and conducts glare-proof hard coating of film surfaces to protect display surfaces from scratches and prevent background reflections of fluorescent and other lights.


Coated films for manufacturing multilayer ceramic capacitors

Release film is crucial in the formation of ultra-thin ceramic layers during the manufacturing process for laminated ceramic capacitors, which are incorporated into numerous electronic devices. There is a need to apply a thin and even coat of ceramic dielectric paste and to then remove the film cleanly. The company's products combine the sophistication of Lintec's release technology with precision, thin coating technology.


Casting paper for carbon fiber composite material

Carbon fiber is used in golf clubs, fishing poles, and components of aircraft bodies as a strong and light material. Lintec's release paper products called "casting paper" are used in the process of hardening carbon fiber into sheets with resin. Heat resistance and dimensional stability are important in addition to ease of release.


Specialty papers

Lintec has developed and provides a truly diverse range of specialty and functional papers, including envelop papers in a rich variety of colors in which different textures provide distinctive characteristics; oil-resistant and water-resistant papers for food packaging; washing-resistant paper for cleaning tags; dust-free paper used in clean rooms such as in semiconductor factories; and incombustible paper that has a self-extinguishing feature.