CSR In The Lintec Group

Company Motto : Sincerity and Creativity : Mission Statement For tomorrow we build today

The CSR Management Office under the direct control of the president strives to foster high ethical standards, disseminate information on CSR, and support the initiatives of the CSR committees. The CSR committees, which have a cross-organizational membership and each of which include an officer in charge, lead initiatives with responsibility from the standpoint of management. In fiscal 2017, the SDGs Committee was established to solve social issues through our core business.

Company Motto : Sincerity and Creativity : Mission Statement For tomorrow we build today

The CSR in the Lintec Group is built on its company motto "Sincerity and Creativity".
All Lintec people are committed to CSR activities with this motto.

Practicing CSR through the Core Business

Many stakeholders support the business of the Lintec Group. To meet these stakeholders' expectations and be trusted by them, all Lintec Group employees actively conduct CSR activities with the company motto "Sincerity and Creativity" at the center and in accordance with "LINTEC WAY" which is an important value supporting the company motto, the Basic CSR Approaches and the Lintec Group Compliance Guidelines.

We continuously promote CSR initiatives on a global basis in line with our policy to promote concerted management as a group under the LINTEC INNOVATION PLAN 2017 (LIP-2017), our medium-term business plan started in April 2017. Viewing business and the promotion of CSR activities as being directly linked, the Lintec Group practices CSR through our core business. In implementing CSR activities, we identify important issues (materiality), set key evaluation indicators, and strategically apply the PDCA cycle. In fiscal 2016, we continued implementing activities through this approach.

  • *Key evaluation indicators: Evaluation indicators are important indicators of organizational strategies, and quantitatively measure progress toward targets.

The Way to Go "LINTEC WAY"

The Lintec Group developed the LINTEC WAY, guidance to be followed by all Lintec people in order to move forward in the same business direction. The LINTEC WAY comprises ten rules as important values supporting the company motto "Sincerity and Creativity" and states the ideal way of being a Lintec employee.

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