Risk Management

The Lintec Group established the Corporate Risk Management Committee in April 2018 to further enhance its risk management system. The Committee consists of executive general managers and general managers of offices under the direct control of the president, and engages in the identification of the actual state of affairs of the company as well as in risk analysis. The Committee strives to prevent problems by identifying all possible risks associated with company management and working at making improvements throughout the Group according to the degree of urgency and importance. The chair of the Corporate Risk Management Committee reports on the activities of the Committee to the Board of Directors twice a year, thereby sharing information, receiving instructions, and improving the risk management ability.

Establishing Group-wide BCMS*1

Becoming certified under ISO 22301*3: 2012 in March 2014, we are operating the BCMS to maintain and improve the BCP. We will make continued efforts to share the BCMS among employees to initiate and enhance activities.

  • *1 BCMS stands for a Business Continuity Management System. It is a management technique to develop a business continuity plan, based on the understanding of the current conditions of the organization, to ensure that the businesses are continued in the event of a serious incident that will or may have grave impact on major products/services of the organization. Drills are also performed to validate the effectiveness of the BCP.
  • *2 BCP stands for a Business Continuity Plan. It is a plan developed in advance to enable the minimization of damage and the continuation or early resumption of business in the event that a company encounters an emergency situation such as an accident or disaster.
  • *3 ISO 22301: An international standard for BCMS that a corporation or organization should follow in establishing and effectively operating a system to prepare for earthquake, fire, trouble in the IT system, financial crisis, bankruptcy of supplier, pandemic, or other natural disaster or accident.

BCMS Drill

Employees at each site plan and conduct drills according to the business and characteristics of the site.
Details of drills at all sites are shared group-wide via the intranet.

Company-wide emergency task force drill (Mar. 2019)

Head office comprehensive disaster drill (Mar. 2019)

Firefighting training at Shizuoka Branch (May 2018)

Evacuation drill at Osaka Branch (Dec. 2018)

Group-Wide BCMS Study Sessions

Held in Yokohama, attended by 37 employees

Lintec hosts basic BCMS study sessions targeting the entire workforce. Each year, three sessions are held at the Head Office and broadcast to all sites via the videoconference system. In addition, an external BCMS expert is invited to give a seminar on a yearly basis. Representatives from each site attend the seminar and utilize the acquired knowledge to enhance BCMS drills at their respective locations.

Improvement efforts

BCMS operation at each site is checked by internal audits. About half of these internal audits are conducted as mutual site audits, which provide employees with opportunities to get to know initiatives at other sites and help improve each other.
Suggestions and improvement proposals from employees are discussed at the BCMS Council and reflected in group-wide initiatives. Council meetings are held openly, broadcast at each site using the TV conference system so that employees can watch them.

Information Security

Lintec has developed the Information Security Management Rules, and conducts a self-check every year at each department based on the Information Security Operational Rules and Internal Audit Checklist. In fiscal 2018, Lintec provided an e-learning program on information security based on the results of a self-check and made efforts to promote understanding and raise awareness among employees concerning information management. In light of the fact that the uploading of inappropriate videos has become a social issue, Lintec provides comprehensive education that includes things to note when using social media in a personal capacity, as well as internal rules on information management.


The Lintec Group has a helpline (internal reporting system) to enable employees to report, without any disadvantage, any serious legal or ethical violations that they identify. Lintec added a third-party lawyer to the helpline system to facilitate prompt investigations while protecting reporters and reported details.

Instructions on how to use the helpline are provided in the Compliance Guideline to raise awareness of the helpline across the Group. In fiscal 2018, it became possible to report in Simplified Chinese, in addition to Japanese and English.

Written questionnaire surveys are sent to group companies every year to grasp how each company is publicizing and operating the system in order to provide necessary instructions and support to improve its effectiveness.