Relationship between Lintec and the Environment

Calculation Basis

  1. 1.The scope of data collection covers Lintec Corporation and Tokyo Lintec Kako. Other affiliates are not included.
  2. 2.The data is for the period from April 1, 2018, to March 31, 2019.
Fiscal 2018 Material Flow (Scope: Lintec Corporation [Head Office, 10 production sites, Research Center]; Tokyo Lintec Kako, Inc).
  •  As figures with are information collected based on the Energy Conservation Act, they have undergone third-party verification by SGS Japan, Inc.
  •  Scope of verification for figures with is equivalent to 98% of the conventional figures reported. In responding to CDP,*5 we have been expanding the scope through total volume control.
  • *1 Inside sales are not included in "Output" figures.
  • *2 Scope 1: Direct CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions from the consumption of *4 Pandemic: An occurrence of an infectious disease that affects many people on a global scale purchased gas and liquid fuels, such as liquid natural gas (LNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), utility gas, kerosene, light oil, and gasoline.
  • *3 Scope 2: CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions generated by other companies in the production of energy, such as electricity and steam, purchased by the reporting company.
  • *4 CDP: CDP is an international NGO that calls for disclosure of corporate information on environmental affairs (climate change, water, forest, etc.) and issues regular analysis reports. The Carbon Disclosure Project, established in 2000, is the precursor of CDP.