Environmental Data of Group Companies Outside of Japan

Environment Performance Data in Fiscal 2018

Below is the environmental FY2018 data for the 15 Lintec Group companies outside of Japan.

VOC emissions*
VOC emissions
  • *VOCs: VOCs stands for volatile organic compounds. VOCs collectively refers to organic compounds that become gas in the atmosphere.
Electricity usage
Electricity usage
Fuel (light oil and natural gas) usage (crude oil conversion)
Fuel (light oil and natural gas) usage (crude oil conversion)
  • Note: 1. VOCs = toluene and methyl ethyl ketone
  • 2. Figures stipulated in Article 4 of the enforcement regulations for Japan's Energy Conservation Act were used for the calorific value of each fuel used in order to calculate the crude oil equivalent of consumed fuel.
  • 3. LSFT = Lintec Speciality Films (Taiwan); LAT-T = Lintec Advanced Technologies (Taiwan); LSFK = Lintec Speciality Films (Korea); LE (UK) = Lintec Europe (UK) Limited