Environmental Management

Under the slogan, "We have to broaden our scope when working to support the environment. There is only one Earth", Lintec has established, operates and is constantly improving its environment management system, and is carrying out a variety of environmental protection initiatives.

Lintec Group Quality, Environmental and Business Continuity Policy

The Lintec Group sets forth its Basic Policy in the Lintec Group Quality, Environmental and Business Continuity Policy. To practice specific activities, the Group drew up a Quality Policy, Environmental Policy, and Business Continuity Policy, as well as Action Guidelines for each. For addressing global warming, based on the Action Guidelines for Environmental Policy, we promote the development of environmentally friendly products at the research division, and work to reduce VOC* and CO2 emissions and electricity usage, among others, at the production division.

  • *VOCs: VOCs stands for volatile organic compounds. VOCs collectively refers to organic compounds that become gas in the atmosphere.

Medium-Term Targets (2017 to 2019) and Results

With regard to CO2 emissions and electric power consumption, the amount of self-generated electricity increased from 36,000 MWh to 51,000 MWh, and the amount of purchased power decreased. This is due to the introduction of cogeneration systems. We achieved the targets as increased efficiency in fuel use resulted in the reduction of CO2 emissions. We did not achieve the target for production water usage as the amount of water used for washing increased to handle a wide variety of products. The target for waste discharge was achieved as a result of improvements made to increase the yield rate and thorough classification. We will continue to strive to achieve the targets.

Item Target FY2018 results
(year-on-year reduction)
CO2 emissions 1% reduction from the previous year
(per unit of production)
5.2% Achieved
Electric power consumption 1% reduction from the previous year
(per unit of production)
9.2% Achieved
Production water usage 1% reduction from the previous year
(per unit of production)
(Paper production at the Mishima and Kumagaya plants)
0.7% Not achieved
Waste discharge 0.1% reduction from the previous year 5.1% Achieved

Environmental Management System

Based on the Lintec Group Quality, Environmental and Business Continuity Policy, the Lintec Group proactively works on conservation of the global environment. With the addition of Lintec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in fiscal 2018, 25 business sites in and outside Japan are now covered by worldwide integrated ISO 14001 certification, which facilitates further activities.

Third-party verification as to four items of CO2 emissions, electric power consumption, production water usage, and waste discharge found no important issues requiring correction. For biodiversity conservation, we continue to engage in relevant activities, such as tree planting and beach cleanups.

Internal Environmental Auditing

In order to ensure proper implementation of environmental management systems in connection with its business activities, the Lintec Group conducts internal audits and mutual audits of its business sites, and runs the PDCA cycle for improvement with respect to legal compliance and system operations.

In fiscal 2017, we completed the transition to ISO 14001: 2015 and were certified on March 3, 2018. In fiscal 2018, we newly introduced mutual audits at overseas sites (China and Malaysia) in addition to those in Japan. Each site uses audit findings to improve plant operations.

Environmental Compliance

The Lintec Group's operations in and outside of Japan are subject to numerous national and regional environmental laws and regulations. To ensure legal compliance at each site, the environmental management department constantly checks for revisions to relevant laws and regulations, and monitors the compliance status of respective site operations. Identified revisions are incorporated into the Group's environmental management systems on a regular basis to prevent oversights and omissions. No major legal violations have been reported in the 6 years from fiscal 2013 to 2018.

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

The Lintec Group has incorporated biodiversity conservation into its Quality, Environment and Business Continuity Policy, and accordingly promotes biodiversity conservation activities at individual sites in and outside of Japan. PT. Lintec Indonesia has promoted a mangrove afforestation project since 2016, planting a total of 8,500 seedlings to date. Lintec Industries (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. has also launched mangrove-planting activities. The company planted 92 trees in 2018.

In addition, Lintec Advanced Technologies (Taiwan) Inc. develops tree-planting activities aimed at protecting the global environment, involving its employees and their families. The company planted a total of 100 trees in March 2019. We will continue these efforts for biodiversity conservation.

Planting mangrove seedlings

Planting mangrove seedlings

Tree-planting activity

Tree-planting activity