News Release

May 10, 2018

Passed 2,000 hours of the weather resistance test, which greatly exceeds the JIS standard *

Release of superior weather-resistant window films that are available for outdoor application

The unique hard coating improves workability

LINTEC, which has a lineup of window films for buildings to be applied to the surface of window glass to fulfill a variety of functions domestically and internationally, has developed new superior weather-resistant films that can be applied outdoors. They feature hard coating to reduce scratching on the film’s surface and will be launched on May 15.

Window films with superior outdoor weather resistance

LINTEC has a lineup of window films for buildings known as "WINCOS Architectural Films". When applied to the surface of window glass, they fulfill a variety of functions, such as reducing the generation of glass fragments from scattering when glass breaks, adding over 99% UV reduction and adjusting sunlight. The films have already been employed by many customers domestically and internationally.

In general, window films are applied to a glass surface from the indoor side. However, when equipment, a handrail, or a difficult to move object is placed near a window or the window is double paned glass, there is a risk that the glass from both the indoor and outdoor sides will shatter or fall when the window breaks. In this case, films are applied to the outdoor side to provide a shatterproof effect. Such films must be able to withstand the severe environment, where they are exposed to sunlight and rain, and are required to have particularly high weather resistance.

Having received many requests for more durable weather-resistant window films, LINTEC used its hard coating technology on the films for outdoor application, which is being used for the glass on rail cars. We added two types of films for the outdoors to its lineup of transparent shatterproof type films for buildings, including an item that has passed 2,000 hours of the weather resistance test. We will actively promote sales domestically and internationally, such as in Southeast Asia and Europe, from May 15.

Reducing scratching on the film surface and further improving workability

LINTEC has added the new "1511E-UH" to its lineup. It has passed 2,000 hours of the weather resistance test, which is much longer than the JIS weather resistance standard for outdoor films (1,000 hours). LINTEC has also added the multi-purpose film, "1501E-UH," to its lineup. It has fulfilled the weather resistance standard. Both enhance the durability of the base material and adhesion of the hard-coated layer.

By employing our unique hard coating method for superior outdoor weather resistance, the films can reduce scratching on the window glass surface when applied or cleaned and also boast improved workability and maintainability. As with our conventional products, they have shatterproof, UV reduction and insect repellent effects. We plan to release solar control type films for outdoor application in the near future to fulfill a wider range of customer needs by proposing the use of those products together with the films for indoor application.

After application of outdoor window films

  • The result was measured based on the method described in JIS A 5759 by applying the film to a 3 mm float glass.
    The number is an actual measured value, not a guaranteed value.

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