News Release

March 30, 2018

Reducing reflections, improving the visibility of the scenery behind the glass

Release of Anti-Reflective film for window glass

The superior weather resistance allows for outdoor application and is also suitable for restaurants with a nice view and show windows

LINTEC has developed anti-reflective film that can be applied to the glass surface to reduce reflections and improve the visibility of the scenery behind the glass. The lineup will be launched on April 2 as a new item in "WINCOS Architectural Films," our line of films for architectural windows. It will be proposed for window glass in restaurants, show windows of stores, show cases in museums and others.

Reducing reflections and improving the visibility of the scenery or contents behind the glass

LINTEC has a lineup of window films for buildings known as "WINCOS Architectural Films." When applied to the surface of window glass, they fulfill a variety of functions, such as preventing glass fragments from scattering when glass breaks and adding over 99% UV reduction. The films have already been employed by many customers domestically and internationally.

LINTEC has added the new anti-reflective film, “AR-2000”, to its lineup. It enhances the visibility of the scenery or products behind the glass when applied to the glass surface, which helps to solve issues such as poor visibility of the night view or the contents in a show window due to light reflection.

Before application

Application of this film on both sides of the glass increases its effects, also supporting large openings

Our newly developed anti-reflective film, “AR-2000”, has superior weather resistance and can even be applied outdoors. Application of this film on both sides of the glass reduces the reflection rate of the visible lights by one fourth and produces increased low reflection effects.

Almost 1,500 mm wide, this film can be applied on large openings at commercial facilities and other areas. As with our conventional products, it also can contribute to shatterproof and UV reduction effects. We will continue to develop high value-added window films, which lead to the creation of new markets.

After application anti-reflective film on both sides of the window glass

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