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Nov. 22, 2017

Protecting paint surface from dirt and scratches by applying film on vehicle body

Release of WINCOS Paint Protection Film

Fits perfectly to curved surfaces. Natural finish thanks to high transparency and mild glossiness

LINTEC has developed a new protective film which, when installed on the body of a vehicle, protects the surface of the vehicle’s paint from dirt and scratches. WINCOS Paint Protection Film will be fully launched on December 1.

Protective film that protects vehicle’s paint surface from dirt and scratches

LINTEC offers an extensive lineup of adhesive products for automobile use and has already provided many customers with its products, including film used as a replacement for paint in door sashes and window frames, color film used to decorate vehicle bodies with stripe and other patterns, and window film applied to create more sophisticated designs with metallic and other effects as well as for its functions of moderating sunlight and filtering out UV rays.

LINTEC has developed a new protective film that protects the vehicle’s paint surface from dirt and scratches. LINTEC will start selling the new product in earnest, taking advantage of the sales channels it has built to date.

Installation of the film

Excellent water-repellent property. Effective as measure against yellow discoloration or white turbidity of headlights

The new WINCOS Paint Protection Film features excellent antifouling and water-repellent properties thanks to the LINTEC’s proprietary coating process. It also protects the paint surface from damage caused by gravel hitting it while diving and from scratches. Film can be installed on an entire vehicle or on only certain vehicle parts such as side steps that are often scratched by the heels of shoes or luggage and door mirrors that are also susceptible to scratching. The film can be installed on various components, so users have plenty of choices when it comes to style.

Thick polyurethane film with excellent flexibility is used as the substrate. This makes it possible to perfectly fit the film to curved surfaces such as door cups. It is also effective as a measure against yellow discoloration or white turbidity of headlights. It controls discoloration of the films caused by UV rays and consistently maintains the appearance of the vehicle with high transparency and mild glossiness.

  • The product may not be able to protect the surface from damage caused by a strong impact. It is not resistant to prolonged immersion in gasoline or high concentrated solvents. It is recommended that the film be installed or removed in a store.

Even if the surface is scratched using a car key, the painted surface remains beautiful once the film is peeled off

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