News Release

April 27, 2017

Automobile window film with high-class design and functionality


The darkest color available; maintains a clear view from inside the car while protecting privacy at the same time

LINTEC has added “GY-3IR,” which is now the darkest color available in our product lineup, featuring not only good design through its high-class tint and texture, but also a range of functionality, as a new item in the automotive film series “WINCOS AUTOMOTIVE FILMS.” LINTEC will begin selling the product domestically and internationally on May 1.

Popular dark color added as high-functionality automotive film

We are increasing both domestic and international sales of WINCOS AUTOMOTIVE FILMS, which provide automobile window glass with not only a high solar control effect that reduces temperature increases inside the car, but also with a UV reduction effect, which cuts out 99% or more of UV. We have an extensive selection of color variations ranging from dyed types to clear types, and drivers are attracted by their high-class design, diverse functionality, and superior workability.

We have now added “GY-3IR” in a dark color, which is especially popular as a colored variety. We will continue to accommodate a wider range of customer needs by expanding our lineup.

Privacy protected by preventing people from looking into the car

Clear view from inside the car maintained despite the darkest color

The newly added item is the darkest color film available in our product lineup. It has a visible light transmission of 4%, which indicates the percentage of visible light that can pass through the film. This film is able to maintain a clear view from inside the car despite its dark color and at the same time protect privacy preventing people from looking into the car.

Just like conventional colored products, the film is resistant to color fading and deterioration over time, and has superior workability. It features a good design, which accentuates the beautiful forms of automobiles, a solar control effect and an UV reduction effect that drastically decrease solar radiation with intense heat energy, which is mainly in the region of near-infrared rays. It also has a countermeasure effect that prevents glass fragments from scattering when the glass is broken. As a result, the film contributes to the provision of safe, comfortable car interiors.

Clear view from inside the car

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