Press release

Simultaneous worldwide announcement of newly developed innovative products

Executive Officer
General Manager, Research & Development Division and Research Center
Tatsuya Tsukida

Our company’s strength lies in its unique technological capabilities. In the initial stage of designing new products, we have our “front-loading design” that fully examines aspects such as performance demands, product quality and development process. This process, combined with our “one-stop” development in which materials and the processes for their mass production are developed side-by-side, forms our basic policy for speeding up and streamlining our new product development. In keeping with this policy, we constructed our Advanced Technology Building, introducing large scale pilot coating facilities similar to those of factory’s mass production machines, and state-of-the-art analytical equipment, in 2015.

R&D Department advanced technology building

One of the priorities of the Group’s three-year medium-term business plan, LIP (LINTEC Innovation Plan)-2019 which concludes at the end of fiscal year 2019 is to strengthen regional strategies with respect to the global market. Customers’ demands of quality, performance, cost and delivery vary greatly in different countries and regions. To rapidly and precisely meet these demands, Research & Development Division has been working closely together with overseas group companies.

Full scale pilot coater

At the LABELEXPO EUROPE 2017, we will be introducing our diverse lineup of products backed by our cutting-edge technology and established track record, just as we did two years ago, while simultaneously announcing our newly developed products to the world. The previous exhibition was an opportunity for a large number of our products to be adopted for use. We intend to continue this trend by developing products that are designed to fully meet the various needs of our customers.

Media conference at LABELEXPO EUROPE 2015

Profile of Tatsuya Tsukida, General Manager

Joined Lintec in April 1983. Engaged in development projects including adhesive material for campaign labels of canned beverages which is now commonly used throughout Japan. After serving in posts such as the supervisor of adhesive materials research, he was appointed both General Manager of the Research & Development Division and Executive Officer. He is a firm believer in “carrying out his words no matter how many years it may take”.

Profile of Tatsuya Tsukida, General Manager