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Lintec expands its sales in Southeast Asian market
with various label materials of Mactac Americas under the brand "LMGP"

Lintec is committed to full-scale introduction of various labels materials from Mactac Americas, LLC, a subsidiary in North America, into the Southeast Asian market under the brand name "LMGP*". This product series will be exhibited for the first time at Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2018, a label-related exhibition to be held for the first time in Thailand - Bangkok from Thursday 10 to Saturday 12 May.
* LMGP:Lintec Mactac Global Products

Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2018
Date: Thursday 10 - Saturday 12 May Venue:BITEC, Bangkok Booth:Stand E6

Introduction of North American acquisition company products to Southeast Asian market

In December 2016, Lintec acquired Mactac Americas, the third largest label manufacturer in the US market. We have been exploring the possibility of further expansion of business by utilizing the company's sales network centering on the North American market and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive formulation technology which we did not have before. Amidst such circumstances, we decided to select various items that match the local market needs especially among the company's products, for the Southeast Asian market, and we will promote sales of the brand of "LMGP".

Propose main item of Mactac Americas

-Low-temperature compatible label material "CHILL AT" (2 items) suitable for individual packaging of frozen foods etc. and logistics

It is a label material suitable for packaging frozen food in low temperature condition and sticking to cardboard cases for logistics and transportation. Using a hot-melt type adhesive, it achieves high adhesion to freeze / dew condensation surface. Especially, it has excellent initial adhesiveness and can be applied for high speed application. In addition, it adapts to a wide temperature environment from -54℃ to 65℃. It is an item that has been very popular already as a label material that clears US safety standards that can be applied to food applications. As a surface base material, we line up two items, a gross paper base and a direct thermal paper base.

-General type label material boasting a wide range of achievements for product packaging (4 items)

It is a general-purpose label material boasting abundant achievements in the North American market. Lineup includes gloss paper based items which using a hot-melt type adhesive and arrows low temperature adhesion so that have been widely used for commercial beverage bottles, etc., and also OPP film base items using emulsion type adhesives, which are resistant to water and squeeze. Regarding the OPP film base in particular, we have 3 items (white, transparent, silver) with excellent design, not only for drinks but also for a wide range of applications including cosmetics and kitchen equipment.

Example of Low-temperature compatible label material “CHILL AT”

Example of Low-temperature compatible label material “CHILL AT”

Example of paper base general type label material

Example of paper base general type label material

Example of film base general type label material

Example of film base general type label material

-OPP film base label material compatible with inkjet printer (3 items)

Desktop type inkjet printers with high convenience that can easily print labels with roll to roll at various work sites are becoming popular recently. Lintec has traditionally sold various label materials, mainly paper base, in the Southeast Asian market as well as in Japan. As a new item based on OPP film, we decided to introduce additional products of Mactac Americas which used emulsion type adhesive.

[Appendix] Message from Executive General Manager
A new first step together with partners in Southeast Asian markets

Lintec Corporation  Executive Officer  Executive General Manager,  Printing & Variable Information Products Operations,  Business Administration Div.  Masaaki Yoshitake

Lintec Corporation Executive Officer
Executive General Manager,
Printing & Variable Information Products Operations,
Business Administration Div.

Masaaki Yoshitake

Building a new partner relationship with you

Since launching adhesive label material in 1960, we have steadily built up our own technologies for more than half a century and have contributed to manufacturing in Japan. And now, we would like to contribute to the business of customers by offering brand owners around the world wide range of products and services of the same quality as in Japan. To that end, we need to seek out new partner relationships with each printing company in each country / region. With a strong feeling that we would like to contribute to the further development of the label industry along with you, we have decided to exhibit at this exhibition this time.

Efforts to build a stable supply system for products

In 1994, we opened the Singapore Sales Office (currently Lintec Singapore Private Limited). Since then, we have established production subsidiaries in Indonesia and Thailand, and have steadily strengthened the foundation for label materials business in Southeast Asia and South Asia markets, including sales bases in Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and India. In 2015, Lintec Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters Private Limited was established in Singapore. The company focuses on optimizing the product supply system and further improving customer service. We will concentrate on optimizing our product supply structure and further improving customer service, centering on the company, and we are planning to further expand sales scale in the Asian market which is currently of 65 billion yen.

Acquired a North American company. Proprietary product / technology proposal

Meanwhile, in 2016, we acquired three production and sales companies in Europe and the United States. Particularly by acquiring Mactac Americas, which boasts the third largest market in the label material market in North America, we acquired prescription technologies for hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives, which we had never before, and a strong sales network in the North American market.

The first exhibition in Southeast Asia

At this time "LABELEXPO SOUTHEAST ASIA 2018", we have exhibited a variety of lineups of highly functional and high-value-added label materials actively developing in Japan and Europe, and we will announce and propose various products boasting delivery results by "LMGP" brand newly which Mactac Americas is abundant in the North American market. We hope you will come to our booth and experience the functionality of our group products.


Joined the company in April 1984. He have worked hard to cultivate the market over the years with a leading field of adhesive paper and adhesive film for seal and label in Japan. In January 2017 he was appointed head of the printing & Variable Information Products Operations, and in April he became an executive officer. Born in 1962. "True heart; true intention" is a creed.