Message from President and CEO

To Our Shareholders and Investors Representative Director, President, CEO and COO Hiroyuki Nishio

April, 2017

LIP-2019, Our New Three-Year Medium-Term Business Plan, Gets Underway

In the preceding fiscal year, the final year under the LINTEC INNOVATION PLAN 2016 (LIP-2016), our three-year medium-term business plan, we were proactive in pursuing our key initiatives. However, conditions were extremely difficult, characterized by the effects of the strong yen and the economic slowdown in China and other emerging countries in Asia, as well as the sluggish performance of certain group companies based outside Japan.

In these conditions, the LINTEC Group has just started “LIP-2019,” our new three-year, medium-term business plan that concludes in FY 2020, and as such has taken another step forward. Based on what we achieved and what we could have done better under LIP-2016, the former three-year medium-term business plan, we aim to exceed our targets of 270 billion yen in consolidated net sales, 25 billion yen in operating income, and more than 9% in both operating profit margin and ROE in the final fiscal year, under a basic policy of “Deepening innovation aimed at driving new growth.”

Specifically, we will maximize the synergies for sales and technologies created by the three subsidiaries in Europe and the United States we acquired last year. We also intend to fully harness the Advanced Technology Building of Research & Development Div. completed in 2015, while accelerating new product rollouts and the development of new materials in anticipation of the next generation. Meanwhile, we will proactively work to strengthen our corporate culture, foster human resources, and provide employees with more opportunities to play active roles.

For the LINTEC Group to achieve sustainable growth in the future, it is imperative that all employees make sure they have a “customer-first” mindset and continue to create new value through continuous innovation, as reflected in the company motto “sincerity and creativity.” We, as an entire group company, aim to provide products and services on a timely basis that are appreciated by customers, and aim for further growth.

We would like to thank our shareholders and investors for their continued support in the future.

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