Message from President and CEO

To Our Shareholders and Investors Representative Director, President, CEO and COO Hiroyuki Nishio

April, 2018

On the Second Year under LIP-2019, Our Medium-Term Business Plan

Looking back at FY2017, signs of economic recovery continued to appear worldwide. Movements toward improved corporate earnings and a pickup in consumer spending were observed in Japan as well. However, FY2017 was by no means a smooth year for the LINTEC Group. Increased demand in the semiconductor- and electronic component-related markets in good conditions supported us, but there were operations that found themselves experiencing severe business conditions.

In the environment described above, the LINTEC Group positioned FY2018 as “A Year to Accelerate Innovation.” The current fiscal year corresponds to the second year under the LINTEC INNOVATION PLAN 2019 (LIP-2019), a three-year medium-term business plan that concludes in FY2019. We will proactively enforce a range of policies in FY2018 to achieve the final numerical targets set in LIP-2019.

For a start, the LINTEC Group will keep working on getting several overseas Group companies that continue to post poor business results back on their feet. At the same time, we will focus on achieving synergies with three companies in Europe and the United States acquired at the end of 2016 at an early stage. In addition, we will make the “customer-first” mindset known to all our employees. We will work to launch new products that are capable of satisfying customer expectations onto markets and increase the speed at which we develop new materials in anticipation of demand in the next generation by furthering close collaboration between the operations of research & development, sales and production.

In further steps, we will continue cost-reforming activities for bolstering the corporate structure. We will also incorporate the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, or the so-called SDGs, which have been attracting attention in recent years, into its management. By doing so, we hopes to contribute proactively to the solution of social issues through its operating activities.

To help us win in the tough competition under rapidly changing market conditions, each LINTEC Group employee must address his or her tasks promptly with a sense of crisis and link these activities with innovation. We aim to achieve greater growth as a single united body, continuing to offer products and services that meet customer expectations in a timely manner.

We would like to thank our shareholders and investors for their continued support in the future.

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