Together with Local Communities

Recognizing that it is part of society and local communities, the Lintec Group is engaged in various initiatives to contribute to society while ensuring harmonious co-existence with society.

Social Contribution Activities of the Lintec Group

The Lintec Group carries out contribution activities in various communities. In Japan, the group performs the following kinds of activities, some of which are highlighted on these two pages.

  • Activities by the Entire Lintec Group

    Assistance for recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake, volunteer tree planting, blood donation, cleanups, collection of plastic bottle caps and used postage stamps, and donation to the Japan Red Cross, Central Community Chest of Japan, and National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization

  • Support for the Development of the Next Generation

    9th Summer Paper Craft Contest, and support for Kurarika

  • Support for Sports

    Support for Saitama Prefecture Baseball Team "Musashi Heat Bears"

  • Community Safety Activities

    Street campaign to eliminate organized criminal groups, an AED* workshop, and registration as a “House for Children's 110” in a map for commuting to an elementary school

  • Support for Persons with Disabilities

    Friendship concerts, bread sales by welfare facilities for people with disabilities (Warabi City, Bunkyo Ward, Tatsuno City), co-sponsor of the Chuo City Charity Golf Tournament (Shikoku) to support education for children with disabilities, provision of products for the Itabashi Ward Sports Tournament for people with disabilities, taking disabled persons to a baseball game at Tokyo Dome, and participation in the Bellmark campaign for educational institutions and activities to support people with disabilities

  • Support for Community Festivals

    Higashi Agatsuma Furusato Festival, Hara-machi Gion Festival, Usa Hachiman Shrine, Kawado Shrine, Sengen Shrine Spring Festival, Kanai Ichinomiya Shrine Spring and Autumn Festival, Kumagaya Fan (uchiwa) Festival, Kumagaya Fireworks, portable shrine for three district children's clubs at Rokujo Hachiman Shrine, Rokujo Hachiman Shrine Autumn Festival, Tatsuno City Shingu-cho Summer Festival and Fireworks, Tatsuno City Kamioka-cho Konada Residents' Association Summer Festival, Tatsuno City Kamioka-cho Kamioka Sports Promotion Association Furusato Competition, Doi-cho Fishing Tournament, Tatsuno Shrine, Oyake Shrine, Sosui Thanksgiving Festival, Kosui (lake) Festival, Mishima-cho Sports Day, Tenjin Festival and Fireworks, Suiha Shrine Association, Shikoku Chuo City Summer Festival and Fireworks in Doi, Mishima Drum Festival, Doi Drum Festival, Enoki Shrine donation, Otsuka Shrine donation, Kasuga Shrine donation, Kogan Temple, Asahi Culture Center year-end party, Sosa Tulip Festival, 4th Ina-machi B Gourmet Dondontabenasai Festival, Warabi Hata Festival, Nakasendo Warabi Juku Shukuba Festival, Awa Dance Festival, Itabashi Fireworks, and Itabashi Honcho Kamicho festival donation

  • Donation of Products

    Donation of paper products to 12 preschools and elementary schools

  • *AED: a medical device designed to return a heart undergoing ventricular fibrillation to its normal condition by applying an electric shock.

Social Contribution Initiatives

Ongoing Disaster Support

The Lintec Group has been making relief donations as an ongoing activity to support recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In fiscal 2015, as it did in the previous fiscal year, the company raised funds for Ofunato City in Iwate Prefecture, which has signed a cooperation agreement with Itabashi City, where Lintec's Head Office is located. Lintec and the Lintec Forest*5 respectively matched the donations made by Lintec employees, and the total was donated as a matching gift. The donation was used for the purchase of musical instruments for a local junior high school brass band club. Lintec's Head Office also hosted a Fukushima Foods & Product Fair to support the recovery of Fukushima by economic activities. The company will continue various forms of reconstruction support activities in the future.

  • *Lintec Forest: Lintec's labor union.
Students from Ofunato City Junior High School taking a tour of the Iidabashi Office Show Room

Students from Ofunato City Junior High School taking a tour of the Iidabashi Office Show Room

Fukushima Foods & Product Fair

Fukushima Foods & Product Fair

Donation to Ofunato City

The Lintec Group has been raising funds from employees to donate to Ofunato City in Iwate Prefecture as part of support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The donation was used, through the local education board, to improve local junior high school facilities, particularly school grounds, to help students to more fully engage in physical and athletic activities. We received a letter of thanks from many recipients, including Ofunato Junior High School's baseball team, who expressed their heartwarming appreciation for the developed standard school athletic grounds, which had been unavailable in the disaster-affected area. We will continue activities to support disaster victims with reconstruction efforts.

Blood Donation

Donating blood at the Head Office

Donating blood at the Head Office

The Lintec Group conducts blood donations at all its business sites across Japan in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross. As a social contribution activity that can be performed right at the worksite, blood donation has been embraced by employees, and the program will be continued.

Fiscal 2015 Blood Donation Results
Sites Times Held Participants
Mishima Plant 2 40
Komatsushima Plant 2 21
Tatsuno Plant/Shingu Plant 2 52
Research Center 2 74
Chiba Plant 2 35
Tokyo Lintec Kako 2 12
Kumagaya Plant 2 52
Agatsuma Plant 2 95
Ina Technology Center 2 49
Osaka Branch 2 23

Iidabashi Office

1 50

Head Office

2 73
Total 23 576

Fureai Concert

Volunteer staff for the Lintec Fureai Concert

Volunteer staff for the Lintec Fureai Concert

Lintec held its fifth Lintec Fureai Concert in October 2015, inviting persons with disabilities and their helpers living in Tokyo's Itabashi City, as well as people from neighboring areas. A total of about 700 persons, including Lintec Group employees and their families, participated in the concert. The concert programs included: hand bell performance by children of members of Itabashi “Hohoemi-no-Kai,” an association of parents of children with Down syndrome; chorus by “Kuma,” a choir from the Itabashi City Takashima Daisan Junior High School that joined the event for the first time; and a jazz band session. We will continue to value opportunities to communicate with local residents.

Support for the Areas Affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016

We express our heartfelt sympathy to all those who were affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake. To be of help to the affected people and help the recovery of the affected areas, the Lintec Group made relief donations through the Japanese Red Cross Society. Employees of group companies in and outside Japan have also donated the funds they raised separately.

We hope for the earliest possible recovery of the affected areas.